Advancing Research on Conflict (ARC) Consortium Summer Program

August 20-27, 2019

Call for Applications

ARC invites PhD students and early-career faculty in Political Science and related fields who are planning to conduct research in fragile and violence-affected spaces to submit applications for its 2019 Summer Program.

The ARC Summer Program is grounded in the philosophy that the environments in which researchers operate provide crucial context for careful research design and sound data analysis. Given that fieldwork in contexts of conflict, repression, and humanitarian crisis can pose risks to scholars and their interlocutors, understanding and preparing for adverse events is integral to honoring the principle of “do no harm.”

The ARC Summer Program delivers field methods and ethics training to graduate students embarking on challenging dissertation projects in order to equip them to conduct rigorous, ethical research in fragile and violence-affected spaces. Among other topics, sessions cover interviewing, building relationships, managing research teams, working with interlocutors, data management, reciprocity and psychosocial support, and publishing with politically sensitive data. The program facilitates the development of professional support networks that include faculty and peers working in similar settings. In combining the methodological considerations of rigorous social science research design with practical skills such as first aid, data security, and risk management, the Summer Program fills a gap in contemporary social science field methods training. First aid, data security, and risk management content is delivered in close partnership with International Location Safety.

Who is it for?

The ARC Summer Program is primarily designed for PhD students in comparative politics, conflict studies, and international relations who are preparing to embark on research in volatile, conflict-affected, or otherwise challenging field sites. However, applications from scholars at all career stages and from all subfields will be considered.

When is it?

The ARC Summer Program is scheduled for August 20-25, 2019 in Harrisonburg, VA. The program will be followed by the two-day ARC Annual Conference in Washington DC (August 26 - 27). The program is fully residential and fees / scholarships include all food and lodging for the week. The program begins at 2:00pm on August 20, when students should plan to arrive at the training site for enrollment.

Cost and how to apply

The total cost of the week-long summer program is $1800. Full and half scholarships are available to support the attendance of outstanding doctoral students. Students are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from DC. In an effort to minimize costs for students with access to conference travel funds, the program immediately precedes the American Political Science Association Annual Conference.

Application materials should be submitted by email to advancingconflictresearch at gmail dot com  no later than 5pm EST on Friday, 15 March 2019.

Students will be notified of admissions decisions by early April 2019.

Required application materials:

•   A 500-word statement summarizing your proposed research project and how the course would benefit you. Your statement should specify whether or not your academic department can cover all or part of the cost of your participation, whether you would like to be considered for a full or partial scholarship, and whether you would still like to be considered for the program if you do not receive a scholarship.

•   An academic CV that details any past fieldwork, relevant non-academic experience, prior field methods training, and/or language skills;

•   For doctoral students, a letter of support from your faculty supervisor.